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  • One day in the not too distant future….

    polyamory australia

    NZ MPs welcome Australian marriage equality vote for polygamy / group marriage Press Release: Cross Party Parliamentary Rainbow Network Original media release is HERE – our small amendments underlined The New Zealand Cross Party Rainbow...

  • New study reveals that marriage and decency makes men happy (shock, horror!)

    Marriage - church

    The Telegraph 30 October 2017 Family First Comment: “The researchers surveyed over 2,000 men and assigned their answers a positive mindset score of between zero and five. They found that men in a marriage or...

  • Kiwi ‘love coach’ marries hundreds to themselves


    NZ Herald 16 October 2017 Family First Comment: And why not. Love is love – free to marry the person or persons you love. It’s called Marriage Equality. But sshh – don’t tell anyone, but...

  • At Least Australians Get A Say on Marriage

    Two wedding rings next to the word "marriage" on a english dictionary

    Media Release 16 October 2017 Family First NZ, an advocacy group in New Zealand which led the opposition to redefining marriage, says that the kiwi politicians are wrong when they try to argue that there...

  • Laurie Penny: ‘I’ve been polyamorous for nearly a decade. Here’s how I make it work’

    polygamy 2

    NZ Herald 15 October 2017 Family First Comment: Oh look! Yet another column by the mainstream media promoting and normalising polyamory. But hey! Redefining marriage won’t lead to further distortions of the definition. That’s just...

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