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  • Marriage bill views differ wildly


    ThePress 29 Jan 2013 Biology, religion and love came to the fore when the controversial issue of same-sex marriage was debated in front of MPs in Christchurch. The city’s Air Force Museum yesterday hosted the...

  • Complaint against judge for supporting marriage dismissed

    British Flag

    ChristianConern 5 December 2012 A complaint against a High Court judge who spoke out in favour of marriage has been dismissed by the Office for Judicial Complaints (OJC). Sir Paul Coleridge has served in the...

  • Top news agency bans use of term “homophobia”


    ChristianConcern 3 December 2012 Associated Press (AP) has prohibited its journalists from using the word “homophobia”, saying it is inaccurate to use the term to describe someone who does not agree with homosexuality.The position is...

  • Gay marriage given the green light for weddings in churches

    david cameron

    The Telegraph 7 December 2012 Gay couples would be allowed to marry in churches under plans due to be unveiled by the Government next week.The decision represents a major u-turn on the position set out...

  • Majority support referendum on gay marriage (UK)


    The Telegraph 24 November 2012  A majority of the population backs holding a referendum on same-sex marriage rather than leaving the decision to MPs, polling suggests. More than twice as many people are in favour...

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