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  • Want to avoid dementia? Get married, research suggests

    elderly couple

    The Telegraph 28 November 2017 Family First Comment: Another good reason to promote marriage Getting married could significantly reduce the chances of developing dementia, a new study suggests. Levels of social interaction may explain the...

  • Religious beliefs mean English midwife faces deportation

    engagement ring hands

    NewsTalk ZB 28 November 2017 Family First Comment: What the….!!!??? “She married her New Zealand husband Matt a year ago, but because of their religious beliefs they didn’t live together before marriage. Witt told Mike...

  • One day in the not too distant future….

    polyamory australia

    NZ MPs welcome Australian marriage equality vote for polygamy / group marriage Press Release: Cross Party Parliamentary Rainbow Network Original media release is HERE – our small amendments underlined The New Zealand Cross Party Rainbow...