Monthly Archives: December 2014

  • Same-sex unions outdo civil ones

    First Same-Sex Marriages To Take Place At The End Of March

    Stuff 28 December 2014 Female couples are leading the rush to tie the knot following the legalising of same-sex marriage. Experts say despite the law for sexual equality, it goes to show gender stereotyping...

  • 13 Pro-Gay Bakers Refuse Christian Wedding Cake Order


    Charisma News 23 December 2014 After seeing Christian-owned bakeries pay a severe price for refusing gay wedding customers, Theodore Shoebat decided to see how tolerant gay-owned bakeries really are when the shoe is on the...

  • Family First fights to remain tax-free charity


    3News 8 December 2014 Family First NZ says it’s continuing to fight to remain a tax-free charity. The group was advised in 2013 the Charities Commission intended to deregister the charity, citing Family First’s traditional...