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  • What We Can Learn from Same-Sex Couples

    gay marriage lesbians

    Glenn Stanton 31 May 2013 The Atlantic has a very provocative cover story this month: “The Gay Guide to Wedded Bliss.” It explains to anyone who wants to know “what gay and lesbian spouses can...

  • Warning to Marriage Celebrants

    church wedding

    Media Release 30 May 2013 Family First NZ says that information being sent to marriage celebrants by the Department of Internal Affairs about the new marriage laws does not clearly state the correct legal position....

  • Tory MPs ‘warned career under threat’ if didn’t back gay marriage

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    Telegraph 29 May 2013 Conservative MPs claim they were threatened by party whips to back gay marriage or their political career would be finished. Tories were also reportedly warned they would lose financial and organisational...

  • Family First To Appeal ‘State Censorship’


    Media Release 27 May 2013 Family First NZ is lodging an appeal to the High Court in Wellington today, challenging their deregistration by the Charities Registration Board. “Family First is challenging the highly politicised approach...

  • Woman getting married to fairground ride

    marriage roller coaster

    The Telegraph (2010) Amy Wolfe, a US church organist who claims to have objectum sexuality, a condition that makes sufferers attracted to inanimate objects, plans to marry a magic carpet fairground ride. This follows a...

  • Puppy love: man marries his dog

    Marriage dogs

    The Chronicle (Australia) 1 Dec 2010 A YOUNG Toowoomba man yesterday tied the knot with his best friend – a five-year-old labrador. In perhaps a first for the Garden City, Laurel Bank Park hosted the...

  • Doing the rounds in Oz :-)

    Marriage sheep


  • IRS (US) v Charities Reg’n Board (NZ)

    charities commission v irs cartoon


  • Anti-gay marriage ad complaints thrown out

    21 great reasons header

    ONE News 19 May 2013 The advertising watchdog has thrown out complaints made against anti-gay marriage advertisements published by Family First. The advertisements titled “21 great reasons to keep marriage as is” and “If you...

  • ASA Rejects Complaints About Marriage Campaign

    21 great reasons header

    Media Release 19 May 2013 The advertising watchdog has poured cold water on a campaign of complaints against two of Family First’s information sheets during the recent marriage debate. Complainant A Charman said that the...

  • What do the children say?

    family 1

    MercatorNet, Robert Oscar Lopez, 12 May 2013 The children of same-sex couples normally love the people who raised them. But many of them still have reservations about same-sex marriage. During the oral arguments about Proposition...

  • Chanson Mariage pour tous (Song Marriage for all)

    The words in capital letters were in capital letters in the words on the youtube video Poster : I am against « Marriage for All » I have always tried To listen to learn, What some live...

  • The Feminist, Pro-Father, and Pro-Child Case against No-Fault Divorce

    divorce ring

    Public Discourse 7 May 2013 No-fault divorce is destroying women, children, and men. More precisely, divorce destroys marriage, and the destruction of marriage harms every party involved. The legality of no-fault divorce just makes it...

  • U.S. Department of Education to Eliminate ‘Mother,’ ‘Father’ from forms

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    Christian Post 11 May 2013 The U.S. Department of Education recently announced that it will no longer use the terms “mother” and “father” when collecting information about a student’s legal parents when those parents apply...

  • What you need to know about marriage

    marriage booklet

  • Views on Gender Equality, Disarmament OK – But Not Marriage

    charities commission logo

    MEDIA RELEASE 10 May 2013 Family First NZ is welcoming the re-registration of the National Council of Women (NCWNZ) to the Charities Register and says it should never have been de-registered. “We actually liaised with...

  • Family First Websites Still Under ‘Heavy’ Attack

    computer crash

    Media Release 9 May 2013 The Family First NZ website and the Protect Marriage website has suffered yet another major attack by hackers desperate to muzzle them. “Just after the final reading of...

  • RADIO NZ: The Panel on Family First’s Charitable Status

    Brothel protest

    The Panel with Duncan Webb and Gordon McLaughlin 6 May 2013 The Family First lobby group is reported to be disappointed at the news it’s about to have its charitable status taken away; and Health...

  • RADIO LIVE – Family First boss defends charity status

    Brothel protest


  • NEWSTALK ZB: Family First to be de-registered as charity

    Brothel protest

    AUDIO: Newstalk ZB 6 May 2013 Family First’s Bob McCoskrie talks to Mike Hosking about the organisation being de-registered as a charity and what they’re going to do about it