One Man.
One Woman.
That's Marriage.

Marriages are a matter of significant public concern, as the record of almost every culture shows. If it weren’t for the fact that sexual intercourse between a man and a woman leads to children and brings with it a further obligation to care for those children, the notion of marriage would probably never have existed, and the state would not have been interested in it. The state - which did not invent marriage - has no authority to re-invent it.
  • The effect on churches and marriage celebrants

    IAN BASSETT – Read the legal opinions obtained by Family First NZ from Barrister Ian Bassett which describe the effects of Louisa Wall’s Marriage Amendment Act Bill, if it is enacted.

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  • Marriage Should Not be Redefined.

    BOB McCOSKRIE – FAMILY FIRST NZ: Marriages are a matter of significant public concern, as the record of almost every culture shows. If it weren’t for the fact that sexual intercourse between a man and a woman leads to children and…

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  • Beyond Gay Marriage

    STANLEY KURTZ – THE WEEKLY STANDARD: Among the likeliest effects of gay marriage is to take us down a slippery slope to legalized polygamy and “polyamory” (group marriage). Marriage will be transformed into a variety of relationship contracts, linking two, three, or more individuals…

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  • I’m gay but I’m against same-sex marriages

    RICHARD WAGHORN – Marriage is vital as a framework within which children can be brought up by a man and woman. Not all marriages, of course, involve child-raising. And there are also, for that matter, same-sex couples already raising children. But the reality is that marriages tend towards child-raising and same-sex partnerships do not.

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  • Let us not forget the point of what marriage is for

    MIRANDA DEVINE: One of the consequences of remaking marriage to include gays is that it will be transformed from an institution centred around the wellbeing of children to one centred on the self-fulfillment of adults.

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  • Two wedding rings next to the word "marriage" on a english dictionary

    Study: Nearly Half of Millennials Don’t Want Monogamy

    The Stream 11 October 2016 Family First Comment: Disturbing findings. Weakens marriage. Harms children. A new report found nearly half of American millennials don’t want monogamous relationships. YouGov revealed the research on monogamy and cheating, showing couples under 30 are significantly less monogamous than older generations. Only 51 percent of people under 30 reported desiring Continue Reading

  • antonia-guterres

    United Nations new Secretary General Supports Family of One Woman and One Man and Right to Life of Unborn

    Right to Life Media Release 18 October 2016 Family First Comment: A welcome improvement – especially considering who the other candidates were Right to Life congratulates the General Assembly of the United Nations for appointing Antonio Guterres, on the 13 October, as the New Secretary General. His appointment gives cause for renewed hope that he Continue Reading

  • same-sex-protest-paris

    Massive rally in Paris to protest same-sex marriage

    CBS News 16 October 2016 Family First Comment: Gotta love the French Tens of thousands of people have marched in Paris to call for the repeal of a law allowing gay marriage, six months before France’s next presidential election. The protesters ended up at Trocadero Plaza, near the Eiffel Tower. Police estimated the crowd at Continue Reading

  • polygamy-marriage-equality

    As predicted – NZ Herald now continuing the push for Polyamory

    I live in a threesome: Here’s how it works NZ Herald 12 October 2016 Family First Comment: And so the campaign to normalise it continues – as we predicted. Once the definition of marriage is changed once, what stops it being defined further? First, gender. Next, number Among those of us who are polyamorous – Continue Reading

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